Hello, I'm Mrs Angelia. I offer a State of Alabama licensed in-home child care for 4 weeks to 5 years of age. You can rest assured your child is in a safe, clean, healthy environment while you're at your business. Conveniently located off of Highway 72 near Madison, Harvest, County Line and Athens. You probably pass right by my house every day. Please call today, 256-233-5418 or mrsangelia@integrity.com. Thank you!

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I'm serious about every aspect of your child's safety while in my care. I have an in ground, inside tornado shelter just in case.
Monday through Friday, 06:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Mrs Angelia's Day Care
Serving our North Alabama Community since 1995
Madison, Harvest, County Line, Athens
Call today! 256-233-5418 or mrsangelia@integrity.com

$140.00 per week, full time only